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The hosts of Savor, Danielle Beck-Ellsworth, PsyD, MFT, CEDS and Kelly Hinds, RD, LD explore topics that are related to health, body image, nutrition, and mindfulness.  Myths and misconceptions about dieting, obesity, and thinness are questioned and confronted. Dr. Beck-Ellsworth as a therapist and professor and Kelly as a dietitian, bring their years of experience to Savor to debate, discuss and sometimes disagree about the health messages in Western media.

Dr. Beck-Ellsworth had a vision to create a podcast that highlighted topics she feels passionate about… eating disorders, food, body image, health, dieting, self-care, weightism & “the obesity epidemic”. She believes it is time to challenge unhealthy messages so ingrained in our culture that we often accept them without question. Having spent countless hours in social and professional settings discussing these hot topics with friends & peers, she knew there would be an audience.

The title, Savor, was chosen because the hosts approach topics from a mindfulness based approach. Join discussions about truly savoring health, relationships, the body and having meaningful time with yourself & others. This podcast cultivates a message of living in the present and encourages listeners to savor moments, savor food & most importantly, savor life!




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