Do You Want The Good News First?

OK…Danielle is having a baby girl!!

The BIG news…We are saying our final goodbye to Savor Podcast today. All of our episodes will continue to be available to you & your friends right where you’ve always found them. For at least the next year. We will let you know where to find them if we relocate them after that.

Never fear, if you need us, we are Still Here! For your questions, your comments or to work together. Find us on our respective websites: Danielle & Kelly

We would like to think we are trendsetters because when we birthed Savor, podcasts about intuitive eating, eating disorders, body image & health at every size were nowhere to be found. But if podcasts are your jam & you poke around today, you are going to find them! A couple you might like:

Love, Food Podcast by dietitian, Julie Dillon

Dietitians Unplugged Podcast by dietitian, Aaron Flores

We cannot say enough THANK YOUs for the support you have shown Savor podcast the past three seasons. We are so lucky to have been a part of your lives.


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