We love hearing feedback from our listeners (goosebumps status) because it lets us know we are making a difference.

“You two have seriously impacted my life in a way you will never know. I┬álisten to many different podcasts and yours is by far the most entertaining, professional, informative and well rounded. Well done!” T

“Thank you kindly and please keep doing what you’re doing with the Podcast! I look forward to new episodes and check my phone often to make sure I’m not missing out. I often think about all of the people out there finding support from Savor and you not even knowing-maybe never-how many people you’ve really helped.” D

“I had been searching for podcasts about eating disorders when Savor debuted, and I immediately subscribed. I had relapsed not long before then; listening to Savor was reassuring and energizing at a time when I was navigating increasingly intensive treatments, my own denial, and recovery.” C

“I’ve been binging on your podcasts for a couple of weeks now, and I’m ├╝berinformed. I can say I agree and share most of what you explain in your podcasts with my girl friends.” M

“Thanks again for the great insights, interviews and sensitive coverage.” J

“I am an avid listener–I’m quite besotted with the podcast and it has helped me in some profound ways. Stumbling across your podcast was an incredible blessing. I owe you both a heart full of gratitude and admiration. You guys are the best. THE. BEST.” M

“THANK YOU for creating such a helpful resource for those struggling with eating disorders. Even if someone with an eating disorder isn’t actively seeking treatment or perhaps can’t afford it, you two offer awesome advice for us where we can feel safe and anonymous.” S